Thursday, June 25, 2009


Why do so many of us have a love affair with books that tends to take over our space?  

When I was a child, we moved about every three years.  This, I suspect, led, as least in part, to my relationship with books.  Unlike friends I made along the way, they came with me everywhere and, to some extent, became the friends I could count on being there.

Most of my clients have substantial and unwieldy book collections that take up huge amounts of space in their environments.  So, I though perhaps we should look at that today.

As I have gotten older, I have gotten better about keeping books.  Ask yourself, truthfully, are you going to read a particular book again?  Really?  If so, then keep it.  How many books are in your collection that you have NEVER read?  That should tell you something, too.

If you are concerned that you will forget what you have read, maybe you could keep a list (say on a spreadsheet).   This is especially useful when we are working our way through an author's entire collection.  Such as Tony Hillerman, Janet Evanovich, Anne McCaffrey.  When authors are prolific it is easy to forget which books we have read, and which we've not yet.

Think of it as going green.  Once you have read a book, pass it on, trade it in for credit at a used book store, sell it.  Just don't let them take over the house or office!!!

Have a mindful day.

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