Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God really does work in mysterious ways. Here it is 5 am and my morning is off to a rollicking start. I was awakened by the sound of water running...hmmm...must be the irrigation (it's on a timer)...that's good...but wait...too much gushing. I go retrieve the flashlight from its basket by the front door (see, it pays to be organized), go out into the pitch black back yard and discover that, sigh, yes, there is another leak in the irrigation. I also discover that one of my roses is not getting any water even though new irrigation was just run to it last week. Back inside to put on shoes and now, going out the front door, I walk around to turn off the irrigation. So now I have two issues to resolve in the backyard and it isn't even 5 am. When I return inside I hear one of the cats, my elder one, crying a bit pitifully. So I start searching for him. After checking every room in the house, I discover him in the laundry room where he's been trapped all night. Now, see, if the irrigation hadn't woken me up, I might not have discovered the poor guy for many more hours. While trapped in there, he managed to pee, poo, and tear apart the trash bag I had hanging in there. So, again, remember it is still not 5 am I get to clean the laundry room (which frankly was on my list anyway). For some ridiculous reason that I cannot fathom, this inspires me to write an entry for my blog which I haven't done in well over a year. So, I say again, God works in mysterious ways. Now I would like to go back to bed, but I am afraid it is futile.